The secrets of our Signature Style

Over the years our director Sarah has built a renowned, international reputation for her work, making her mark in numerous cities around the globe with her ‘signature style’. This classic Nielsen House look is now so admired that we have many clients who simply ask for our ‘signature’ when we are planning out schemes.

Typically our signature style is made up of carefully chosen neutral tones, layered natural fabrics, and a variety of textures all finished with a collection of home accessories, all of which have an organic look or feel.

Just for you, we’ve put together a list of the key elements that always make our signature style a design success and why...

Neutral Palette

We choose a neutral palette because they are calming and well, timeless. Bright colours and vibrant patterns can look stunning, and do feature in some of our commercial projects, but for a home where you live day to day, bold designs can become tiring, feel too busy or simply go out of fashion. We find that natural colours reflective of the landscape omit a peaceful calm and always feel light and fresh, which is a perfect base in which to build a scheme.

Layers & Textures

However, when using a neutral palette the common risk is that the space could feel plain, flat or empty. This is why introducing a variety of layers and textures is so important. Layering fabrics in a variety of textures add depth, warmth, and sophistication. On many of our projects, we even introduce textured wallpapers, they enrich a space, and add a subtle contrast with other elements of the scheme.

Natural or Organic Materials

For a few reasons we always use premium quality natural materials in our designs. Natural and organic products tend to have an authentic beauty that doesn’t fade, or ages beautifully. Plus, we take so much inspiration from our surrounding landscape here in the Lake District that we want to bring its beauty and tranquility inside. Natural and organic materials allow us to do this, they reflect the outdoor landscape and their appeal is also timeless.

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