Home Design Trends of 2020

2020 marks not only a new year, but a new decade of design innovation. Having visited Paris Deco Off last week, we’ve already collected a wealth of influences for our design projects going forward, including alternative art, unique textures, and brand new ways to introduce nature into the home.

We’re sharing our favourite interior design trends of 2020, including those that turned our heads in Paris. You may see these elements featured in our future projects, in the merchandise on our store, or even incorporated into our philosophy.

Timeless and Durable

The Nielsen House philosophy has always oozed a powerful impression of sculpture, delph and longevity. Investing in beautiful timeless pieces that are practical, durable and long-lasting. That is not only of a high-quality but also ecologically minded. That means forgoing day long trips to IKEA in favour of bespoke items, independent designers, and effortlessly functional fittings tailored to your space and requirements.

When designing a new space, focus on developing a personal style around these choices. Saying goodbye to fast furniture and decor, homes will evolve through the movement of furniture, the addition of unique pieces of art, and the swapping of certain fabrics with the seasons. You’ve heard of seasonal wardrobes, now there’ll be seasonal decorations that take pride of place year on year.

From Canvas to Textiles

We understand the beauty and importance of art. A stunning, complex piece can add another dimension to a space. But this year we’ll be taking that one step further by curating textiles that add colour, texture, and depth to your room.

For example, take our Nielsen house rug. Made from extremely durable 100% wool, this flatweave rug uses earthy tones and risen fabric to lift itself from the ground and into the foreground of any design.

By making art more tangible, the sentimental value of each piece will increase as you interact with it every day.

Imagined in the Lake District

Sustainability and natural luxuries have risen to the forefront of design. While curating a space, carefully consider each piece's environmental impact and how it reflects the landscape around you. Introduce a connection to nature with warm, earthy tones. This can be achieved with layered textiles, decorations, and art to reflect the beautiful landscape around us. Introducing houseplants, small and large, using raw, rustic, and natural materials, marble accents, and grasscloth wallpaper, like that found on the Nielsen House store can also create this effect.

What are your favourite design trends of 2020? Learn more about our process and design philosophy by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For a bespoke interior design service, choose Nielsen House.

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