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Dressing the Look

This natural lounge scheme uses the same signature principles as the bedroom, although we have added more textural layers starting with the striking vinyl wallpaper. Surprising with its vinyl qualities it has a beautiful and unique texture. This softness and interest is continued through with the driftwood lamp, gnarled organic floor lamp and the bamboo blind texture.
The luxury of these schemes is that you can select and co-ordinate the items that appeal to you. Whether you prefer the hard wood flooring with striped rug or the sisal carpet from the bedroom scheme. The two will interlock perfectly. Look into the selection of cushion fabrics and mix and match!

TIP: Sculpture plays a large part in our room presentation. We love the impact of the stripe in the rug and the glass table adding another dimension to the focal point in the room. The buttoned pouffe adds depth and contrasting texture next to the camel tweed buttoned back armchair. If you have a unique family heirloom, say any painted chinoiserie, this is also the time to use it against a soft contrast wall.