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Dressing the Look

We are launching our new site with our signature “soft grey”. We use these grey tones as others may use “magnolia” or “cream”. We feel it suits our climate and available natural light, as white can be too cool and harsh, and the variety of creams lead you away from some fabulous colour combinations.
We work up from the soft palette beneath by adding big contrast colours like hot reds, naval blues and chocolate browns. This amber/gold provides the scheme warmth and luxury with minimal use.
As a rule of thumb, we begin the build up of our room with the selected background colour in paint, wall coverings, perhaps window treatments and larger upholstered pieces. We then add layers of colour, pattern and importantly texture depending on your personal preference.

TIP: The main thing to consider when putting the colour into the scheme is to weigh up the proportional balance against the background. Don’t overdo it as the colour will take over and create a “heavy” room. Consider your personal possessions and the quantity of items you intend to place in your room.