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Dressing the Look

This opposing treatment of the backdrop in charcoal, along with the graphite paint for woodwork gives instant depth of tone in the walls, curtain and larger items of furniture. This gives you a solid base to “dress” your room for drama. Any dark colours like anthracite, charcoal, browns or navy blues provide fabulous impact, but do require thoughtful lighting, with or without natural light, the mood and use of the room demands it.
We like to use loose table lamps, directional and up lighting and wall or floor lamps to create the ambiance of the room. If you are looking for a light overall room, the pale walls and window treatments are the best choice with all lighting having pale or neutral shades. If you prefer the more masculine and distinctive look for your office, study or bedroom, the lighting selected is task or accented to spotlight particular pieces or areas that require it.

TIP: Try combining the two charcoal and khaki schemes according to your taste. In the study we have introduced gorgeous, versatile natural colour flooring, which will work with the rug, blind and other elements of the lounge scheme perfectly. With light accent contrasts such as the off white in the ornaments and dressing items to highlight the dark tones, in the same vain, the dark timber floor would also work, each application will create a different space.