Once in a while we have the opportunity to design and produce bespoke wallpaper for our more individual projects.

We are sometimes asked for pictorial or decorative murals, panels or hand coloured imagery for accent walls. When we look into the production and manufacture of these papers, they are often produced with prohibitively long lead times and expensive costs. Delving deeper into sampling of the actual finished imagery/ finish, the results can be not quite what we are looking for.

Although there are some beautiful examples designed and manufactured by companies like” Fromental” and “De Gournay”, we are always looking for alternatives.  We try to produce something ourselves, closer to home in the UK and to our detail design and specification.

The safe, attractive subject matter like blossoms and natural foliage are the most popular. Each is individually drawn by hand and coloured according to the individual scheme.

Currently, we are completing a unique dining room scheme for a very discerning client locally. This week we are hanging the bespoke wallpaper. In the very capable hands of our decorator Willie Crowe and Sharon Jane, who has produced the paper for us, we negotiate the very particular hanging requirements from floor layout to wall.

The perfectionism exuding from the room makes it a highly anticipated result. The strie back ground to the hand painted image reflects the light pearlised taupe of the accents in the room, silk lampshades and detail to the curtain embroidery. The sketched charcoal embraces the sleek eggshell “ Downpipe” walls and the co-ordinating fumed oak floor. The accent warm mustard of the flower blossoms introduces the dressing colour palate to highlight the rest of the accessories in the room.

We are very much looking forward to the unveiling of the completed scheme in the next few weeks.