Sarah founded our studio business Sarah Jane Nielsen in 1989. Over the years her incredible transformational work on residential and commercial spaces has caught the eye of many admirers of what has become her signature style. Regularly asked for room dressing ideas, she decided to share her favourite pieces online – and so Nielsen House was born. Sarah curates our home products site choosing pieces that she personally loves, which means when it comes to Christmas, it’s always difficult to choose just one item she’d like to find under her festive tree.  Here, we ask her what’s on her wish list this year?

So, what are you hoping to unwrap on Christmas Day Sarah?

I genuinely would have everything we sell on Nielsen House in my own house so it’s difficult to single out one item – but if I have to choose, I guess it would have to be one of our amazing Qlocktwo word clocks. I had already invested in the white Classic a few years ago but I brought it into the studio to show a client and it looked so good there, it’s never found its way back to our home. So ideally, I’d like to find a replacement under the tree – but to ring the changes, I’d probably choose a different colour and opt for a metallic finish this time.

Why Qlocktwo?

It’s a great example of form and function combining into one stunning piece. I have worked and travelled all over the world and I regularly attend design shows – Qlocktwo are still the most impressive clocks I’ve seen. They’re really clever, niftily spelling out the time in letters rather than numbers but they are also beautiful objects that are extremely well crafted to the highest quality. In an age when everyone can check the time on their phones, there’s still something very special about having a clock on your wall; one of the most impressive things about a Qlocktwo, is that it makes a great piece of art in the home. If you’re looking for a head-turner, this is it!

Tell us more about Qlocktwo?

Qlocktwo word clocks are the invention of German designer duo Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk who created a unique range of clocks based on a matrix of 110 letters randomly arranged and backlit with LED lights to spell out the time. Handmade in Germany, these precision quartz timepieces, come in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes – as well as wrist watches – and not surprisingly, have attracted design awards and accolades from across the globe.



Last word

These are pieces that I believe are both classic and iconic – and excuse the pun, but are also timeless.  I’m very much hoping my husband takes the hint!