Dressing & Accessories

Luxury and unique home accessories are Nielsen House’s speciality. To us, home accessories are the most important aspect of any home interior. They pull a room together, making it whole, giving it a touch of class. Unique home accessories are the perfect way to express your tastes and personality in your home, and we have the perfect collection for you to choose from.

Our luxury home accessories include neutral porcelain designs, off-white clay pieces and metal designs. With an array of unique designs, including clay figures and Japanese inspired designs, you will be spoilt for choice. Amazing candles and wooden framed mirrors are also available, to give you house and warming and open feel. We also have some unusual vases which are absolutely gorgeous with some statement flowers filling in them.

To see how you could use these unique home accessories, shop via our ‘Inspiration’ section, where we have given you a feel for how your house could look. Pick and choose what you like and help Nielsen House influence the interior design in your home.

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