Furniture takes up so much space in your home, that it should be a focus of every room, it should tell a story, and it should be beautiful. Nielsen House’s bespoke collection is all those things and more. We only pick the very best pieces to showcase on our site, and we make sure that everything can be adapted to your tastes.

Our luxury chairs are great either round a dining table or as a statement piece in an eclectic seating design in a lounge. As well as seating we have some fantastic functional pieces, such as desks, coffee tables, and bedside tables. These pieces are perfect for updating your current interior design scheme. Each is lovingly crafted by designers we know, and so sometimes the lead-time for our bespoke furniture can be several weeks.

Nielsen House has used many of these bespoke pieces in the ‘Inspiration’ section of the site, so use this as a way of seeing the furniture in a home setting, we promise you will love it even more once you see it in the flesh!

Please feel free to contact us about any of the luxury furniture you see on the site, we are more than happy to answer all your questions about each piece.

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