Gilpin Spa Lodges

Following our successful work on the Gilpin Hotel, we were asked to design the interiors of the Gilpin Spa Lodges, the latest addition to Gilpin as of 2015. These lodges were labelled as ‘the ultimate indulgence’.

As designers we relished the opportunity to work with the aesthetic of these newly build lodges in the context of their special location, embracing the compelling outdoor/indoor connection, while at the same time producing internal design schemes that would have universal appeal to the hotel’s global audience.

Our brief was to create five individual, private retreats in which guests could stay and enjoy uninterrupted quality time, while still benefiting from premium hotel facilities and services. The aim was to raise the bar for luxury spa suites. Our interior design played an integral role in creating a comforting cocoon with an feeling of peace and calm, no matter the weather outside. 


The Voreda suite combines our passion for Scandinavian design with influences of the landscape, particularly the English Lake District, through the use of natural wool, cotton textures and Lakeland stone. Timber is dominant in a variety of forms and contrasts beautifully with the neutral colours seen throughout. The earthy tones of the wood combined with luxury furs and tactile skins add a soft warmth to the space.


Inspired by Sarah's time in Morocco, the Giannoventa lodge is enriched with native, authentic carved woods, lavish bronze tables, warm patterns, velvets, paisley fabrics, ornate mirrors and patchwork floor tiles. We wanted to create a carnival of vivid turquoise, burnt orange and pink. The eclectic mix of huge colours, sparkling polished ceramics and tinted glass showcase the best of moroccan style. All these elements take centre stage against the backdrop of neutral walls and the sand limestone floor.


This all white space brings Central Park chic to the Lake District. Everything in this bold design is a subtle off white enabling the space to maintain a peaceful, soft and relaxing atmosphere. The durable faux leather, faux fur, white prime oak flooring, and elegant furnishings, combine with the contrasting soft grey wall panelling and crystalline formations ensure that as well as a clean, shiny glamour there is plenty of depth in texture. The result is cool, minimalist sophistication that complements the spectacular views of the fells.


Inspired by the Tabacco factories of the deep South, this scheme layers caramel and chocolate tones to replicate the tobacco leaves baking in the sun. Impressive weaved patterns inspired our choice of faux leathers, textured furnishings and sculptural lighting. This, combined with the accents of bronze, copper, tactile wood and occasional sheepskin results in a very rich, warming environment.


Inspired by South Africa and Sarah’s travels between the Middle East and Europe, the Birdoswald scheme brings together vivid mustard colours, sculptural ornaments, and banana leaf wallpaper to celebrate authentic tribal patterns. To inject a contemportary twist, this vibrant palate is layered upon a black and white scheme. 

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